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La Siciliana Ribelle (2008)

1h 48min   |   Italian   | 

Producer: Simonetta Amenta 

Director: Marco Amenta 

One morning in November 1991, Rita, a 17-year-old girl, shows up at the Palermo prosecutor to avenge the murder of her father and brother, both mafiosi. From that moment, denied and threatened by her family and her fellow villagers, but taken under the protection of the judge who supports her and who becomes a father figure for her, Rita is forced to abandon Sicily and exile illegally to Rome. Justice seems to start taking its course, but then, her guardian is also barbarously killed by the mafia. The girl, refusing to follow the same fate, convinced that she is the next on the list, nails the mafia by confirming all her statements in court. Finally, she chooses an extreme solution.

La Siciliana Ribelle Trailer
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