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Chi Siamo

Eurofilm Productions

EUROFILM is a production and distribution company based in Rome and Palermo. Eurofilm strongly believes in a film that has a strong international vocation by type of production structure, quality standards and stylistic language. We have always produced all our films in a European co-production market.

We are Eurofilm

The Team
Simonetta Amenta



Simonetta Amenta was born in Palermo in 1973. 

She was member of the Italian Representatives in kayak, participated in the World Championship and won the Italian championship twice. She started studying economy in Palermo.

She left for France after two years where she obtained a University Diploma in “Techniques du commerce internationals” in Nice. She interned for the Audit company in Paris “Mazas et Guerard”, one of the most important companies of audit in France. When she returns to Sicily, she obtains a degree in Economy.
In cinema she starts as assistant producer for the documentary film “One girl against the mafia” for the company “Odissea” based in France. The documentary won 21 international prizes and has been broadcasted by 26 TV. She cared also for the distribution of the documentary-film.
She is the founder and managing director of Eurofilm Productions.

Marco Amenta Photo.jpeg
Marco Amenta

Director & Screenwriter

Marco Amenta was born in Palermo in 1970.

He alternates films for the cinema (The Sicilian Girl, Through The Waves ...) to author documentaries (Magic Island, The Ghost of Corleone ...), participating in the most important international festivals (Venice, Rome, Tribeca, etc.) and winning international prizes: Prix Italia, San Francisco, Munich, 3 Nominations for the David di Donatello, 3 Nominations for Silver Ribbons, etc. His films are broadcast by the most prestigious TVs in the world, often in the early evening: Rai, Arte/France, ChannelFour/UK, ARD/Germany, HNK/Japan, etc.

Niccolò Stazzi

Creative Developer


Niccolò Stazzi was born in Rome in 1979. After graduating in law he collaborated on the film "The Sicilian Girl" by Marco Amenta. In 2018 he co-wrote the screenplay for the film "Through The Waives" in the post-production phase. He is currently writing the film "ANNA", inspired by a true story, Creative Europe award for the development of cinema projects.

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