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"In the Trenches" Press Release

In occasion of the Commemoration of the anniversary of the First bombing of Cassino on September 10, '43, to remember the historic date on which the city was bombed after the armistice, tomorrow Thursday, September 10, 77 years later, at the Museo Historiale di Cassino, at 19.00, the director Marco Amenta and the producer Simonetta Amenta will inaugurate the Atelier of the project VR360° "In Trincea". A project co-financed by the European Union under the P.O.R. FESR Lazio Notice Atelier Art Beauty and Culture. The evening will be attended by the performers Francesco Foti, Giuseppe Lo Piccolo, Sofia Balossino and for the first time on screen the young Guido Fontana, who will meet the audience telling their experience in making a project in VR and showing some unpublished images. The project, through the innovative use of Virtual Reality, allows the immersion of the viewer in the dramatic reality of a trench during World War II. "Virtual reality - says the director Marco Amenta - is an extraordinary means that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the past and offered us the opportunity to live the dramatic experience of war through a language that, to date, I had not yet explored. It was interesting to immerse ourselves, thanks to today's technology, in World War II and relive history through the experience of a young anti-fascist ready to fight Mussolini and the Nazi troops. "

Press Office - Storyfinders - Lionella Bianca Fiorillo

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